For All the #ChristyMack ‘s out there: change is a process…

……..and the process leads to courage, and the courage leads you to the light at the end of the dark horizon you’ve been staring at for far too long.  It’s there.  Trust in the people who love you and only want to help convince you that it’s there, who want to reverse the brainwashing that has crippled you.  Anyone who is afraid, not just women, anyone who fear for their lives and are being held hostage by the person who is supposed to love and respect them never escape with nothing: you are escaping with YOU.  Remember YOU?  I’m sure there are those of you out there who are so lost you have completely forgotten about YOU.  You can get YOU back.  Change is a process.  The power to walk away will never be handed to  you on a silver platter.  You and YOU have to take it and never let it go. Don’t let it be you “the victim” standing in one corner facing  the proverbial “war machine” directly across from you.  You are fighting to get that “war machine” out of your head forever.  You are fighting for your right to exist without fear and dread weighing you down, you are fighting to be the one in control of your life again.  Keep up the process, keep the training going, be consistent, then when you know you’re ready: FIGHT.

Turn you “the victim” into YOU “the survivor”, don’t even bother with shaking the hand of the parasite who lost to YOU, and never look back.


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Watch The Ultimate Fighter 19: Team Edgar vs. Team Penn Tomorrow On BT Sports 1 (VIDEO)

the-ultimate-fighter Tomorrow, Wednesday April 16th , The Ultimate Fighter 19: Team Edgar vs. Team Penn will air in the UK on the Ultimate Fighting Championships (UFC) official UK broadcasting channel, BT Sports 1.

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Wednesday Night Fights! A Quick Look at the TUF Nations Finale

Moai Martial Arts


Well, this one crept up on me! I was gearing up for the FOX card on Saturday and realized that there is a random Wednesday event from Quebec going down first.  Neat-O! Now, I haven’t watched a second of TUF Nations so I won’t touch on those Finale tilts, but I will give you a quick preview of my favorite three fights on the card. You know you are getting your money’s worth when Michael ‘The Count’ Bisping gets back in the cage! On to the preview.

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What’s next for Ronda Rousey?


Other then Cyborg vs Rousey, Rousey vs Carano has been a dream fight for many WMMA fans for quite sometime. yesterday this article surfaced online discussing the possibility of this fight

Rousey has went on record saying she would love to fight Carano. Rousey has a huge amount of respect for Carano and rightfully so because Carano had a dominating career in strikeforce and is indeed a pioneer for WMMA.
Although the women’s BATEMWEIGHT champion is completely game for this fight there’s a few contributing factors as to why it won’t happen. The most notable one is that Carano fights in a catch weight class a totally different class then the champ which means the title would NOT be on the line. Another argument would be that Carano hasn’t been in a cage in the last 5 years.
So what do you guys think? Is this a fight we…

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GSP surgery to be covered by UFC medical insurance

Smirfitts Speech

Story by: Elias Cepeda

Well, at least he’s got that going for him. UFC president Dana White has said that Georges St. Pierre’slatest surgerywill be covered by the UFC’s fighter insurance, even though “Rush” is not actively fighting at this time. The longtime UFC welterweight champion stepped away from MMA competition last year because he needed to recharge.

He continued to work out in the gym and managed to tear the ACL in his right knee. Back in 2011, St. Pierre tore the ACL in his left knee, forcing him out of competition for over a year.

If St. Pierre is to ever return to fighting, he’d have to clear this latest arduous hurdle first. For all the stress and pain this serious knee injury must be causing GSP, at least he won’t have to pay for the surgery and rehab out of pocket.

“We have health insurance for the…

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Looking ahead to Grapple Nation with Jake Cross

SplitDecision MMA UK


Tomorrow see’s FCC and Sub North team up to present the very first grapple nation, which takes place at Sugden Sports Centre in Manchester. The event is set to be a fantastic day with many super fights and individual divisions, giving BJJ practitioners to test their skills against other high skilled grapplers. I caught up with Jake Cross, one of the main men behind Grapple Nation, to give fans some insight to the event, the preparation and what they can expect on the day.

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MMA Professional Strength And Conditioning Program