Full Hardy Show Ep : House Party



Matt Hardy Update

Matt Hardy got kicked out of a WWE-sponsored rehab and got arrested for the upteenth time for DUI.

Ok, let’s say this one more again.

Nobody. likes. a. drunkard! Least of all a drunkard who chugs mouth wash to get drunk! (lots of homeless people do that). Update 11/22/11: apparently Hardy got kicked out of rehab because he showed up drunk. *facepalm*

Matt, I say this with love, and maybe it’ll piss you off but I don’t care: you have turned into yet another dime a dozen alcoholic hillbilly. At this moment, you are just plain white trash. You’re setting a horrible example for the younger fans you have, and yes, you never asked to be a role model. I never asked to have an Autistic daughter, I never asked to have a sub-par baby daddy, but does that mean I’m going to pull a Beniot? Hell fucking no!

Pull yourself up by the goddamn bootstraps, get out of your co-dependent relationship with Reby (girl, the only person who can change Matt is Matt. Get that through your head.), stop it with the fake suicide attempts/threats, and get your shit together. You’re a grown man: act like it. If you don’t, then you’re on the fast track to the “gone too soon” wrestler club.

Matt Hardy’s big announcement

Before y’all read this: bare in mind that “tolerance” and “addiction” are two different things when it comes to any medication one takes. If Matt feels he is addicted, he is doing the right thing. I was in a similar situation where I was at a fork in the road: I could either keep going the way I was going and wind up completely destroying myself, or I could woman-up and ask for help. Now I’m never afraid to “check in” when I need help. The one’s who insist that they are fine are the ones whom have the least amount of courage to ask for help, I have found.

What’s up with Matt and Jeff Hardy?

I’ve been reading all these articles about Jeff’s drug addiction (he just had a kid with his long time girlfriend Beth) and now bad news about Matt Hardy? What’s going on with those two? Seems like they’re getting into trouble left and right. I’ve watched and read that both of them tell everyone that you can’t believe everything that you read or hear, but there has to be some truth to the things being said.



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