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Johnny Gargano/Josh Prohibition vs. Colin Delaney/Jimmy Olsen

Interviews: Josh Prohibition @ Weekly Wrestling Podcast

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Exclusive Interview w/ Josh Prohibition @WeeklyWPodcast

(Taped Dec 18, 2014)

Matthew Grant sits down with independent wrestling legend Josh Prohibition before he teams up with Johnny Gargano to take on Matt Cross & EC3 at AIW on December 26th to talk about plenty including working with Matt Cross throughout his career & them being involved in the Backyard Wrestling video game, thoughts on CM Punk’s chances in the UFC, his stints in several promotions such as CZW, IWA Mid-South, PWG, Union, UWA Hardcore & others, working exclusively for AIW & his relationship with John Thorne & Chandler Biggins, his plans for life after the business & so much more in this 45+ minute interview!

When your favorite disappoints: Reply to “Goldstein On Rasslin’”

I never had anybody I looked up to in the wrestling world, because growing up it wasn’t as much of an interest for me as it is now.  I don’t know what it’s like to have a wrestler disappoint you.  I could only comment on when (or if) my favorite disappoints me.

A lot of wresters fall from grace.

If you are into wrestling, you have a favorite.

It is easier to fall in the indy world, which is the world I chose to live in.

I made the perfect choice when it comes to my Indy favorite:

He is not a perfect person, but he tries to be a genuinely good person, and the fact that he also managed to become one of my best “online” friends, and whom I lovingly refer to as my “Cyber Husband”, is an added bonus.  That does not mean that I ever thought for a moment that any aspect of our friendship was or is ever “for sale”.  Celebrities of any level are not public property and they deserve a private life just as much as anyone else.  They should not have to worry about video phones, hidden cameras, screen shots, “stalkerazzi” parking and watching their house all day or going through their trash, text messages, etc. ruining their careers and their family and friend’s lives, no matter how much one dislikes them.  It is immature to think otherwise.

We all fail.  Not everything in life goes according to your plan.  We all get rejected.  I’m a freelance writer: to be a writer is to be rejected constantly.  Have those failures and those countless rejections ever managed to stop me?  Never.  I write even though it causes me to be a starving artist because it makes me happy.  I live off the grid as much as possible.  I am the diet version of Henry Miller.  All of the passion and focus for writing without the pesky plagiarism and constant begging for money, while being a single mother of an Autistic child to boot.

My hero is my sister.

My favorite is J. Pro.