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Amped July 29 2015

Nate Wings faces Gregory Iron
Dave Crist faces off against Aaron Williams

The Handicapped Heroes

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Greg –
Zach –

All Star Wrestling –

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So THAT happened….

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The Grocery Game – Save hundreds per month on groceries!

Gregory Iron AIW clips

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Indy Wrestling Tweets (1/7/15)

A collection of my favorite tweets (new and old)

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I’m Mentally………………….I like chocolate milk!!!!!


It is impossible for Gregory Iron to think because he has MS that it gives him free reign to be a dick, and even more absurd to accuse him of being a disgrace to people with MS.

Because Gregory Iron has cerebral palsy you fuckin’ retard.

There’s a group of fucktards shit-talking him and the entire time they’ve been saying he has MS.

I do not use the word “retard” much because my vocabulary is much bigger than that, but in this case, yeah, the people who insist he has MS and are too lazy to do any research to make sure they had the right affliction are big shit-the-bed-quit-eating-the-paste retards.