Where are they now: @JoshProhibition


Josh is one of my Livejournal BFF’s and I refer to him sometimes as my “cyber husband” because out of every wrestler I’ve ever talked to I have talked to him the most.  Even though Josh is now married with two spitting image “mini me” daughters, he never really “retired” from wrestling.  He still has that bad shoulder that kept him from being a baseball player and made him decide to be an indy wrestler and has also been very athletic since he was a wee lad, he wrestles whenever he can, usually for AIW (Absolute Intense Wrestling).


Alex Shelley AIW clips

Josh Prohibition AIW clips

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Indy Wrestling Tweets (1/7/15)

A collection of my favorite tweets (new and old)

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The Best of Beer Money & Motorcity Machine Guns – Part 2

The Best of Beer Money & Motorcity Machine Guns

TNA Hardcore Justice 2011 results and highlights