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Critical sharpshooter! ROH TV (Ep. 127) Reviewed

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This week ROH TV brings us a happy medium between the stuff that I love and the stuff that I hate about Ring of Honor. We’ve cut the show down to 2 matches, which I think is a little light — I think a 3 match show is the perfect length for these things, and this week felt like there were far more commercial breaks than I remember in the past but that might just be me.  I also understand that these ROH TV episodes are either tapes at TV Taping specific events where they tape 4 hours of wrestling at one time and then cut that up into a show, or they’re cutting up the “house shows” and putting them on TV. This means that your favorite wrestlers will typically only appear once every four episodes (really once every eight) which is fine if you’re favorite wrestler is Caprice…

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Slammiversary 2011

Talk Wrestling HD: Is Ring of Honor doomed?

AJ Styles and Velvet Sky At NACS In Atlanta

PWI Top 500 Winner

Congrats to AJ Styles of TNA!  He holds the number one slot in the Pro Wrestling Illustrated annual Top 500 list:

TNA Today (July 14, 2010)

M’kay, at about 6:25: male wrestlers should never give relationship advice.  Ever.  They are all generally complete man whores with a few too many screws loose who also usually have drinking and/or drug problems and could not sustain a healthy relationship to save their life.  Sounds like I’m generalizing but we’re talking about a part of the entertainment industry.

Let’s be real here, and the entertainment industry is filled with some pretty messed up individuals, and even that is putting it mildly.    Individuals who are messed in the bad, I’ll stab whomever I need to in the back in order to advance my career way, not the good, fun, comical, no drugs necessary, can have fun wherever, whenever way (like I am), mind you.

Before all those “child labor laws” were implemented, things actually used to be a lot worse.

I’ll just sit here and wait for one of said wrestlers I just described to leave the obligatory “I’m a woman, I’m not allowed to have an opinion, I’m supposed to be in the kitchen making them a sammich then performing oral sex on them while they eat it” comment (and that is why they all usually wind up alone, you see how that works?) 😉

Actually, they’re either a douche that I’ve described above, or they’re really a huge fanboy geek who keep their video game guns in their pants cuz it makes them feel cool, and they try to make up for it by trying to act like a a big scary GRRRR wrassler.


Yup. True story.