‘Final Fantasy Explorers’ Launches Jan 19th


Square Enix has announced the upcoming action role-playing adventure,  Final Fantasy Explorers, will launch on January 19th.


Coming to Australia and New Zealand exclusively on the 3DS in January, Final Fantasy Explorers lets players battle the 12 eidolons solo or in a party of up to four players. Once players defeat an eidolon, they are granted the ability to summon them in battle while in Trance Mode, a temporary ability where players can transform into other legendary characters from the Final Fantasy series.

Square Enix released a new infographic highlighting the 12 eidolons, or summon beasts that will appear in Final Fantasy Explorers. The title includes a variety of unique and memorable eidolons from the Final Fantasy series, including Bahamut, Ifrit and Ramuh, as well as two brand-new eidolons, Dryad and Amaterasu.

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