Lucha: The International and Barbra Streisand


I’ve been doing Lucha Libre (mexican-style pro-wrestling) for 7 months now. I could – and should – write so much about it, but I’ll leave that for another day. Today, I just want to sum up what we were up to in the last couple of sessions.

We drilled one of the foundational spots in wrestling: The International, mainly paying attention to our positioning and the emotion we’re portraying. (Here’s a nice post about it.)

We did the Barbra Streisand, which basically is a surprise reversal into an irish whip. You’re running the ropes, duck a clothesline, duck a back elbow and while on it you grab the left arm with your left arm and come to a squat-ish stop, then perform an irish whip; now your opponent can do the same thing.

We also tried a variation where instead of reversing it with half…

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