Ronda Rousey’s Rematch Could Be UFC’s Biggest Fight Ever


When undefeated fighter Ronda Rousey faced undefeated fighter Holly Holm in November, Rousey lost in dramatic fashion—by a kick to the head. Speculation immediately erupted over how damaging the loss was to Rousey’s brand and her future in sports. But the match was no loss for the Ultimate Fighting Championship series. Rather, it was a win by every metric.

In July, UFC will surely enjoy another major win—likely its biggest ever. Targeting a July 9 date, UFC president Dana White is planning a rematch between the two prize fighters, the Los Angeles Timesfirst reported.

The bout isn’t completely official yet, but the quick turnaround between November’s fight and the rematch announcement that everyone demanded is a sign that White is putting the UFC’s business interests first—even, potentially, before the preferences of its two premier fighters.

Rousey’s manager, Lenny Fresquez, told the L.A. Times he is concerned the former champion…

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