Gacha! December 3rd 2015

The Glorio Blog

Stash away those pricey idol statues and your thirty amiibos, because we’re about to get cheap and nasty. Gacha! is your fortnightly (or thereabouts) look at the weird world of Japanese capsule toys. In this instalment, we discover that it’s pretty hard not to feature toys that cling to drinking glasses. At least we have all these branded food items.

If you insist on enjoying flashy and expensive figures, you should check out All Your Monies

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Elder Scrolls Online – [Discussion] Just starting, how close can I get to a Necromancer?


[Discussion] Just starting, how close can I get to a Necromancer?

Hey all, literally downloading the game for the first time. In nearly all my ES game playthroughs I tend to lean towards casters using dark magic… Most specifically, necromancy. I was wondering what this game had when it game to evil magics and the necromantic arts. Coming in brand new I’m frantically looking around google I found alot of necromancy posts going hand in hand with the Nightblade skills and so one, with life drains and shades. A lot of the posts, sadly are months and even a year or so old. So I figured I’d get some information from the source, people currently playing the game!

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My Experience at PlayStation Experience


This year, I was lucky enough to attend PlayStation Experience here in San Francisco. Although I wanted to go on Saturday for the panels, I was only able to make it on Sunday afternoon. I spent about five hours exploring the various booths — loads of great indie games — and playing a couple demos. Here are a few highlights from the day!

“The Last Guardian” Interactive Display

For The Last Guardian, Sony put together an amazing wall display, which featured Trico from the upcoming game.

Trico was huge, looking down at passers-by and reacting to nearby people’s movements. People took turns walking up to the wall, sometimes with a barrel they would lift over their heads for Trico. Trico would watch them. Somehow it tracked their movements, sometimes pawing at the barrel or letting out a cute roar.

TLG_E315_06_1434429409.jpg Trico in the game

I don’t think the display was quite big enough to be…

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Weekly Wrestler Spotlight: Peter Kaasa

Funkenstein Wrestling Superstore

Funkenstein Wrestling Superstore loves and supports indy wrestling. On our Weekly Wrestler Spotlight, Funkenstein will feature a bright star on the independent circuit we think you all need to know about!

This week, Funkenstein’s Weekly Wrestler Spotlight features Peter Kaasa in our Weekly Wrestler Spotlight. A mainstay in the Southern US independent scene, Peter Kaasa recently debuted for EVOLVE and Ring of Honor in 2015. Kaasa has also competed in notable promotions such as FIP and GFW, and was originally trained at the well-regarded WWA4 Wrestling Academy.

With a background in Brazilian jiu-jitsu and submission wrestling, Peter Kaasa is not only a pro wrestling champion but an amateur combat champion as well. His unique combat background makes Kaasa an intimidating and unique opponent in the ring, quickly earning the respect of fans, promotions, and fellow wrestlers alike.

A bright career only promises to get even brighter for Peter Kaasa as…

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Heel Fan Harper Floyd

The Mud Puppets

It’s episode #23 of The Mud Puppets Show emanating from the cable studio in beautiful downtown Wyandotte!


In this installment of the Mud Puppets skewered the latest side show antics of the Wyandotte City Council and in the process sharpened their attacks on ne’er-do-well councilman Ted Miciura.


Heel Fan Harper Floyd joined the boys for an interview to talk about Pro Wrestling Locker Room, another show produced at Wyandotte Cable. Through the course of the interview Heel Fan and Mud Puppet Ryan even managed to bury the hatchet over an issue that once had the two embroiled in a heated feud! And be sure not to miss a fun-filled edition of This or That! Did somebody say something about a pair of underwear made of knotted worms?! Oh, sex-ay!!!

For more information on Pro Wrestling Locker Room

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CM Punk Indy Wrestling Greatest Moments