Supermegafest 2015: Interview with Jason Casey

Graphic Policy

jason casey

At Supermegafest 2015 held in Framingham, MA I got the distinct privilege of meeting and speaking with a very personable and supremely talented freelance artist: Jason Casey. Jason was kind enough to give me a view into the life of self promoted artist as well as shed some light on his journey.

Graphic Policy: Hi nice to meet you. So I just noticed your artwork and it’s quite striking and especially the picture of Bob Ross drawing Groot. I have to get the story behind that if you don’t mind?

Jason Casey: Well thank you, it’s very nice to meet you too. My name is Jason Casey I’m a professional unpublished illustrator. This is my 8th year on the Comic Con scene. So the story of Bob Ross painting Groot from Guardians of the Galaxy is, that movie came out a week before Boston Comic Con 2 years ago…

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