Sunday Roundtable: Does the shipping schedule of comics affect your purchases?

Graphic Policy

JLA Roundtable release scheduleSundays are known for folks gathering around tables on television and pontificating about some of the hottest topics out there, offering their expertise. We bring that tradition to Graphic Policy as the team gathers to debate in our Sunday Roundtable.

On tap this week?

Does the shipping schedule of comics affect your purchases?

Katherine: Not for me since I usually wait to purchase the trade paperback. I have to be really thrifty with my comics purchases.

Alex: I tend to be thrifty, too. A comic released more than once a month means one less monthly I’ll pick up (usually).

Elana: When I learned I was getting two issues of All-New Wolverine this month it made me a little stressed out as a critic — because it means I have next to no time to write that review I was working on. But as a fan of this comic (and…

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