Pachter Gives The Nintendo NX A 40% Chance At Failing

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Everyone’s favourite video game analyst Michael Pachter has once again spoken about the forthcoming NX platform from Nintendo. While he only knows as much as we do he says that the console has a 40% chance of failure and a positive 60% chance of success. Pachter believes that the platform will a mobile convergence device. That means it will be a hybrid between a home console and handheld.

Pachter sees the system’s outlook for profit as fairly positive. Overall, he estimates a 40 percent odd for failure and a 60 percent odd for success. While NX is being primed to launch late in a hardware cycle, he still says it could sell as many as 30 million units. To put that number into perspective, PS4 just passed the 30 million sales milestone since its release two years ago.

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10 Count! Fictional Comic Book Wrestlers

SpiderManCrusherCoverWith the new wrestling-themed comic book Ringsidecoming out this month, and every other wrestling and comic book blog having already conducted an interview with Ringside creative team: Joe Keatinge and Nick Barber, I figured I would take a different approach to celebrate its debut. Instead, I’ll take a look at past notable comic book wrestlers. Here’s hoping Ringside’s new top draw is just as memorable or, at the very least, searchable on Google.

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