How Krysten Ritter Went From Rom-Com Sidekick To Marvel Superhero


2014 NBC Upfront Presentation

Marvel is hoping Jessica Jones can be their next breakout character, as well known as Daredevil (minus the terrible movie and even worse soundtrack). As its star, the company cast an actress who always seems on the verge of breaking out, the perpetually almost-famous Krysten Ritter, who showed up in several movies and shows as That Girl before breaking big in Breaking Bad, and eventually Don’t Trust the B—- in Apartment 23 and Netflix’s Jessica Jones. Here’s how she went from commercials to superhero shows.

1. Ritter, who was born in Pennsylvania in 1981, was a model before she made her first on-screen appearance in a Dr. Pepper commercial. She got the gig by “being a goof, and dancing around” during the audition; she enjoyed acting, and soon gave up modeling to make it her full-time gig. Like any new actor and actress, she had to prove her chops. So…

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