Review: André The Giant: Closer To Heaven

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LionForge-Andre_COVIf you’re of a certain age, or have even a passing familiarity with professional wrestling, then you will probably have heard about André René Roussimoff, known to many as André The GiantMy first introduction to André came, as with many others, through the world of professional wrestling. I remember to this day the first time I saw him throw grown men around the squared circle as if they were children, and it was awesome (note, that I’m not encouraging you to throw children about). André was a larger than life figure, a man known largely because of his size, and this biography takes a deeper look at this legendary man.

Brandon Easton tells the biographical tale of André in a somber voice that genuinely feels as if it is being told by the man himself. Touching and graceful, André The Giant: Closer To Heaven is a fantastic example of using the…

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