The Age of the Escape Plan.

Team Hellions

I haven’t said anything about the Paris Attacks because I don’t feel my voice matters in this situation.  I have never been to France, nor do I have any connection to the country.  Nor do I have any expert opinions to add on the topics of terrorism or the Islamic state.

However what I can put out there is a story about the day after the Paris Attacks.


I was at work, currently managing a retail store in a shopping mall.  At 10 AM it was time to open the store.  I, along with most other stores at this time, were opening doors and bringing displays outside.  When suddenly there was a loud BANG!  Everyone froze.  Employees, mall security, shoppers.  Every single person.  Within seconds we all realized a balloon had popped and continued about our days.  But there was a moment before that realization.  A moment when every single…

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