REVIEW: Back to the Future #1

The Green Gorcrow

Writer: Bob Gale, John Barber, Erik Burnham

Artist: Brent Schoonover, Dan Schoening

Colourist: Kelly Fitzpatrick, Luis Antonio Delgado

Release Date: 21/10/15

Publisher: IDW Publishing


A well-researched book

Interesting additions

Exceptional art


As with the majority of people who fall in the Venn diagram of people who love comics and also love movies, I am a massive fan of the Back to the Future franchise; this is partly due to its innovation and partly because it’s absolutely and unashamedly ridiculous. Granted, I have only watched through the trilogy once in its entirety, but it made enough of an impression on me that the promise of an anthology series to fill in gaps in continuity sounded like a must buy. One story in this issue deals with Marty’s first meeting with Doctor Emmett Brown, while the other deals with the doctor’s attempts to join a now infamous project in…

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