CHIKARA Season 15 has all been building to this!

Team Hellions

The Epic Conclusion of Season 15!
Hey CHIKARMY, it’s your pal Leonard F. Chikarason here, with the scoop on the Season 15 Finale! We’ve criss-crossed the country (and the hemisphere!) all through 2015, and it’s been building to this! Revealed thus far for our December 5th event:

For the 1st time ever, the Grand Championship of CHIKARA will be defended in a Triple Threat match! Reigning champ Hallowicked will face the 2 previous champions in Philadelphia at “Top Banana.” Our inaugural championEddie Kingston is cashing in, but so too is the man Hallowicked defeated for the title – Icarus. The historical significance of this match can’t be overstated…these 3 men are the remaining Gen-1 originals still active in CHIKARA!

The season-long “Challenge of the Immortals” round-robin has seen 90 matches hit the history books, and the finals are taking place on December 5th! The…

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