Is EGX The Next Big Gaming Trade Show?

Cam Writes

The gaming industry is getting bigger and bigger and as it grows, so too does its calendar of trade show events. With EGX increasing in popularity every year perhaps it’s time to wonder whether the UK’s biggest gaming expo could be about to break into to the gaming mainstream.

EGX started in 2008 and has gone from strength to strength in the years since, in its first year the show was attended by 4000 people. This year the show was attended by 75,000 people. The huge increase in attendance has been matched by support from developers, both triple a and indie alike. This year the show floor saw a huge list of playable games, as well as sessions from major developers and appearances from video game personalities. This, more than ever, is a sign that the gaming industry is paying attention to and wants to be a part of EGX.

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