Review: Ashes: A Firefighter’s Tale

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ASHESMatt always had an easygoing life. Girls liked him, his friends were more like family, and being a firefighter came naturally. Then the accident happened. Now, after the loss of his leg, Matt struggles to cope with his new handicap as he attempts to rebuild his shattered family and once budding career.

Written by Mario Candelaria with art by Karl Slominski, Ashes: A Firefighter’s Tale is a Kickstarter success (one which I backed) and has been released by Z2 Comics this week. The story focuses on a firefighter who after an accident has to persevere.

The comic has a lot of potential, and is not a bad read as an independent/small press Kickstarted graphic novel. But, for me the small issues added up.

The story is good, and touching at times. I’m not a firefighter (and don’t know any) so I can’t say how close to reality Candelaria’s story…

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