Five Things We Learned From October’s Diamond Comic Sales Figures

Mah Muse Comics

October saw the launch of Marvel’s All-New All-Different range – and it was a hit!  Now, Diamond have released their sales estimates for the US direct market retailers.  It’s worth adding a few caveats before we get too excited; these don’t include digital sales (some books, such as Spider-Gwen and Ms Marvel, reportedly sell better digitally), and they don’t include international markets (Al Ewing’s Contest of Champions, for example, looks geared towards these).  Still, these figures give us a wealth of information, and let us catch a glimpse of the state of the comic book market!  So what can we see?

1. Star Wars Is The Biggest Winner Of 2015

Star Wars Marvel

When Marvel reacquired the license to Star Wars comics back in 2014, they were undoubtedly excited – but I doubt that even Marvel could have predicted the success of the franchise in comic book terms.  Star Wars 

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