First Batch of Xbox 360 to One Compatiblity Games

Sparx Entertainment

As the second year of the current console generation draws to a close, both the Xbox One and the PS4 have evolved to fit a changing marketplace. The consoles have received updates to their user interface for simpler navigation as well as introducing new SKUs in time for the holidays. While Microsoft and Sony have different trajectories, their paths are inevitably determined by the consumers.

Case in point, Microsoft announced the Xbox One will be updated to include backwards compatibility for a number of Xbox 360 games. It was a feature absent from the console’s announcement and subsequent launch, but also one that was repeatedly requested by Xbox One owners. Finally, after two years, Microsoft has granted the request.

Microsoft revealed the first set of backward compatible games, a list including 104 different titles from the 360 and Xbox Live Arcade. The list includes some of the platform’s most popular games, including 

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