Fallout 4: The Wait is Over!

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The day we’ve all been waiting for, the release date for Fallout 4. For a week at least when Star Wars: Battlefront is released and the biggest battle of decisions within gamers will begin.

It’s been five long years since the last installation in the Fallout series was released and it wasn’t exactly outstanding, at least in comparison to it’s older sibling Fallout 3 (2008).

Thankfully Bethesda are now back in full control and have produced and developed perhaps one of the most important and anticipated games of the year.

The story is set in Boston, 200 years after the nuclear war. 2884112-fallout4_e3_cityvista_1434323956The player emerges from a nuclear bunker, also known as a vault, much like in Fallout 3. Completing quests and gaining experience through exercising certain abilities leads to further expansion to aid the player when exploring and battling across the beautiful open world that is Fallout 4. Well…

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Anime Recommendations: Timeline

Fantasy and Anime

Zankyou-no-Terror-Anime-WallpaperAnime can either refine in your memory like fine wine or age like vinegar. Therefore recommendations are important, especially if you watch them again with whoever you’re recommending them to, for it allows you see if its quality lives up to your memory of it. Having done this recently, as well as watching many newer anime to be added, I believe it’s finally time to update my recommendations list in a way that will give you readers more context of the time in which they were first aired. Every anime on this list is above my 8.5 Rank and I would not hesitate to recommend them.

Anime Recommendations Timeline

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When you think about Super Heroes, you would think about a super cool, gallant, bad ass guy that battles his arch nemesis with a certain swag. Never in a 100 lifetimes would I even consider this face as one I have just described. 

One punch man is a new Anime series that entered the screens very recently. This whimsical, quirky hero is so strong, that he oftens feels frustrated because he would just kill his enemies with just a single punch. So, his journey is one that has him constantly looking for an enemy worthy enough that he could have a real battle with.

Put together weird looking enemies and companions, this anime is filled with humor. I don’t remember laughing so much at an anime before, until One Punch Man. Graphically, it is impressive. As the animation goes, it is well crafted and the action sequences comes with that touch of modern super…

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What Makes Super Metroid Great: 21 Years Later


The waning health of my Super Nintendo has been a double-edged sword.  On one hand, it is quite a sad day indeed when one of your oldest consoles begins to die.  (Well, characters disappearing is definitely a nuisance, to say the least.)  Plus, now I need to hunt down a used one, still in working order, mind you, from Amazon in order to play games that aren’t available anywhere else (such as Illusion of Gaia).  On the other hand, this (minor) calamity has also forced me to connect my Wii to the Internet in order to check out the Virtual Console.  (I really wanted to play the DKC trilogy, you see, and I have yet to replace my SNES, so I thought the next best thing was to play the Virtual Console versions.  This is also great because it allows me to record gameplay this way, as well.)

Anyway, while…

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Weekly Wrestler Spotlight: Joey Janela

Funkenstein Wrestling Superstore

Funkenstein Wrestling Superstore loves and supports indy wrestling. On our Weekly Wrestler Spotlight, Funkenstein will feature a bright star on the independent circuit we think you all need to know about!

This week, Funkenstein’s Weekly Wrestler Spotlight takes a look at one of indy wrestling’s hottest rising talents, most charismatic individuals, and a Bad, Bad Boy. “The Bad Boy” Joey Janela has elevated himself to must-see status in 2015, from his incredible matches to unpredictable promos and “Holy S**t” in-ring moments.

In terms of championships, Joey Janela has distinguished himself during 2015 as the GCW Heavyweight Champion, On Point Wrestling Champion, CZW Wired Champion, and a HOG Tag Team Champion. He will compete at Jersey All Pro Wrestling’s 2015 anniversary show against BLK Jeez for the JAPW Light Heavyweight Championship.

From New Jersey to the Midwest, NYC to Toronto, Joey Janela has gone from a “Jumpin'” cruiserweight to a Bad…

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WWE & ESPN Working Together To Cover Breaking News

First Batch of Xbox 360 to One Compatiblity Games

Sparx Entertainment

As the second year of the current console generation draws to a close, both the Xbox One and the PS4 have evolved to fit a changing marketplace. The consoles have received updates to their user interface for simpler navigation as well as introducing new SKUs in time for the holidays. While Microsoft and Sony have different trajectories, their paths are inevitably determined by the consumers.

Case in point, Microsoft announced the Xbox One will be updated to include backwards compatibility for a number of Xbox 360 games. It was a feature absent from the console’s announcement and subsequent launch, but also one that was repeatedly requested by Xbox One owners. Finally, after two years, Microsoft has granted the request.

Microsoft revealed the first set of backward compatible games, a list including 104 different titles from the 360 and Xbox Live Arcade. The list includes some of the platform’s most popular games, including 

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