Interview Highlights: Mick Foley Talks NXT’s Influence on Independent Wrestling, Next Step for Women’s Wrestling, More

The “Hardcore Legend” and WWE Hall of Famer Mick Foley sat down with to discuss the Northeast Wrestling “Prison City Slam” event that took place Friday night in Auburn, NY.  In the full article (found at this link), Foley talked about his role at the event, touched on some of his WWE history, and a few other things.  Here are some highlights.

(As an aside, Jerry Lawler was also slated to appear at this event.  If you went, you’re encouraged to drop a live report to us –

Q:  You’ve been very outspoken about your support for women’s wrestling, which is starting to be taken more seriously, particularly in NXT.  What do you think it will take for WWE itself to turn that corner?

Foley:  “I think the only thing that remains is to change the established patterns of wrestling fans who, for years, saw Divas matches…

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