The Evolution Of Wrestling Games

Cynical Sound Off

So at  the time of writing WWE 2K16 has been out for over a week and has received some rather positive reviews especially considering how disappointing 2K15 was, but despite all of 2K15s short comings there was one thing that did receive some good feedback and that was the realistically paced simulation style of game play implemented into the otherwise fast paced and arcade like style the series has been known for. So what I intend to discuss today is a retrospective on the video games WWE have been producing for the last 15 years and how they have evolved.


WWF/E Smackdown!
While it is true that WWE have made plenty of video games before the first WWF Smackdown! game, released in 2001, it was this line of video games that brought the wrestling game genre into mainstream popularity. The amazing thing about this particular brand is that it has…

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