Funkenstein Wrestling Showcase Match 11/5/2015: Joey Janela vs. Oz Tyler [On Point Wrestling]

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On Point Wrestling: Joey Janela vs. Oz Tyler

Funkenstein Wrestling Spotlight Match from On Point Wrestling

Over the last year, “The Bad Boy” Joey Janela and Oz Tyler have engaged in some hellacious wrestling wars at On Point Wrestling. But every wrestling feud starts somewhere, and this week in our Funkenstein Wrestling Showcase Match, we’re taking you back to the beginning.

Oz Tyler and Joey Janela first met at On Point Wrestling back on July 19th, 2014. The result was a lot of bad blood, a rivalry that would eventually involve the OPW Championship, and – most importantly – a really good match.

Enjoy Joey Janela vs. Oz Tyler from On Point Wrestling “Unfinished Violence”!

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