The Brian Bendis Era: All-New X-Men Revisited

Mah Muse Comics

This week’s release brings Brian Michael Bendis’ 79-issue run in the X-Men comics to an end.  He took over as lead writer in the X-Men franchise back in 2012, one of the shock changes in Marvel team line-ups in the aftermath of AvX.  Heading up two books – All-New X-Men and Uncanny X-Men – it’s safe to say that Bendis transformed the shape of the X-Men landscape.  But how did his run pan out?

Over the next few days, I’ll be exploring different aspects of the Brian Bendis era – first up:


All-New X-Men covers

The concept of the All-New X-Men had been bouncing around the X-offices for some time, and the ball fell into Bendis’ hands.  He made this central to his pitch – All-New X-Men launched months before Uncanny X-Men, and all three of the X-Men crossovers in his run affected this team.  It’s safe to say…

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