Review: Unfollow #1

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Unfollow #1Let me start by saying I absolutely love social experiments, in all their forms.  I was a diligent student of Psychology during my undergrad and I was a mesmerized teen in High School when the reality-tv revolution lit its spark. (I’m starting to give away my age!) Like most people, for me human nature in all its variants is a perennial curiosity.  I am always theorizing when people’s behaviour confuses me and I love when our art attempts to do much of the same.

I first heard about Unfollow via an article I read on Wired. The basic premise is that a tech inventor / billionaire and creator of a twitter like communication network (chirper) wants to know  the true nature of humanity. Terminally ill Larry Ferrell bequeaths his 17 billion dollar to 140 strangers (or characters) within a grand social experiment to determine of altruism or violence is humanity’s…

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