Bobby Lashley: CM Punk ‘feeds on’ hate, bile from MMA fans

Smirfitts Speech

With no real previous MMA experience, former pro wrestler CM Punk was signed to a multi-fight contract by the UFC, and it didn’t sit well with many fans and fighters.

Bellator heavyweight Bobby Lashley was once in Punk’s position.

A former professional wrestler who fled the world of pre-scripted, soap operatic story lines in favor of very real cage fighting, Lashley had the advantage of being a collegiate wrestler, but for the most part, experienced similar backlash.

“I think Punk is one of those guys that needs it,” Lashley told’s Marc Raimondi of the rampant criticism. “He’s one of those ‘f-you’ guys. Like, ‘Oh I can’t do it? Yes I can.’ He feeds on that and I think he uses that to make himself better. I say either shut it off or keep feeding into it. Whatever he feels like works for him.”

According to Lashley, Punk needs to…

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