Blight of the Immortals

Scent of a Gamer

Blight of the Immortals caught my attention as I wandered the indie games section at PAX this year. I was pulled over by graphics that looked familiar to me even though I’d never seen them before. I don’t mean to brag, but I know a strategy computer game when I see one.

I had a good chat with the developer who happened to be there when I stopped by. He came over after I said the game reminded by of Warlords 2. Turns out, he worked on that and Warlords 3! What did I just say?

Blight of the Immortals is a strategy game that pits players against the merciless and relentless horde of zombies. It has a steep learning curve, but there’s some good depth there with more being added, as the game is still in beta. If you like a challenging strategy game with a clear goal, this…

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