‘The Walking Dead’ May Be Heading Toward An Unprecedented Character Twist



With all the focus these last two weeks on the fate of Glenn on The Walking Dead, a more interesting and certainly more unique character development is potentially taking place right underneath our noses. It concerns Morgan Jones, and by placing his flashback episode in between a cliffhanger and its resolution, showrunner Scott Gimple may have accomplished exactly what it was Eastman taught Morgan to do last week: Redirect.

Specifically, by keeping our focus on Glenn, Gimple and co. have been able to lay the groundwork for a potential first on a major television drama.

Let me explain.

Shocking character deaths are old hat these days, thanks to shows like The Walking Dead and Game of Thrones. If we know and sympathize with the character enough, the death — shocking or not — can still sting. However, it seems like we’ve seen every iteration of evil overtaking good…

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