Jerry Jarrett Producing A Tough Enough Style Series?

Mind Of Carnage

Source: EWN

Jerry Jarrett’s return to wrestling will be for a thirteen-week wrestling series that will be in the vein of Tough Enough. The return that Jarrett teased on Facebook recently will not be with Classic Wrestling Revolution or Global Force Wrestling, but rather for what is being called the “wrestling version” of American Idol.

Jarrett and his team will conduct a talent search among indy wrestling companies, in addition to calling on indie talent to submit audition tapes. Thirty to fifty people will be invited to compete in the series, which will take place at smaller indy promotions. Special events will be run in major markets such as Las Vegas and New York City, with the finalists competing at these shows. There will then be a tour with the winners, some finalists and a few more established talents.

The competitions will consist of wrestlers performing in front of a…

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