Musings: Life Lessons in Martial Arts



I’ve just gotten back into Muay Thai training after a year-long hiatus. There were a few reasons why I stopped and I can make excuses about the politics, about how I allowed the instructors’ lack of integrity affect me etc. But if I were honest with myself, I stopped mainly because I was weak and lacked the discipline and willpower to press on in the face of pressure.

Getting back into the groove of things in a healthier environment with a super supportive partner helped me understand some very important things about not just the sport, but about life and my attitude towards it.

  1. You are never as good as you think. And that’s okay.
    There are few experiences that prove as humbling as a martial arts education. No matter how fast or how much you improve, there will always be an overwhelming sense that there is so much you still don’t know…

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