Check Out This Crazy MMA Knockout From Croatia Where Soccer Kicks Are Still Legal


Back in the formative years of mixed martial arts, there were two main promotions: the UFC, which you probably know all about. And then there was PRIDE, the big Japanese MMA promotion that added a heavy dose of pro wrestling showmanship to their shows. In addition to fireworks and celebrity fights, they also allowed some of the more violent attacks such as stomps and soccer kicks.

No need to look those up in some fight glossary, they’re exactly what they sound like. In North America, you’re not allowed to kick anyone when they’re downed. In Japan, certain fighters made their careers going ham on their opponents with stomps the second they hit the canvas. Wanderlei Silva, I am looking at you.

wanderlei silva stomps

PRIDE has been dead for many years, but these brutal kicks continue to live on in various regions. ONE FC in Singapore still features them, and apparently so does…

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