A Statement on the Publication of Leaked Emails

Graphic Policy

Yesterday someone decided to forward an email thread off a private listserve I co-run to Rich Johnston, the head of a comic book site called The Bleeding Cool.

Johnston claims he ran the item because he is “giving people an insight into how the sausage is made”. Leaving aside the issues with that allusion I want to be clear on the impact of his actions and the action of the leaker.

This email list was founded in honor of a dear friend of many of ours who died far too young. Martin Bosworth. Martin was a comics geek and an activist and blogger around consumer issues and electronic privacy. EPIC even named an award in his memory.

That is the legacy that the leaker and Johnston have compromised by their actions.

The vast majority of people on the private, off the record listserve I’ve run are regular comics…

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