‘Word Puzzles’ to be First 3DS Indie Game with Full Amiibo Compatibility


Word Puzzles by POWGI will soon be the first indie game to feature full amiibo support.

The amiibo support isn’t limited to just figures, however. Not only will all current and future amiibo figures be supported, but the extra content extends to the cards as well.

Amiibo will provide user-generated puzzles. The puzzles are created based on the nickname players give an amiibo.

The press release used Cuddles for a Yarn Yoshi amiibo and Chris for a Villager amiibo as name examples. From Cuddles and Chris, it generated the word search and Mixups puzzles respectively below.

Word Puzzles by POWGI amiibo pic 1

Word Puzzles by POWGI amiibo pic 2

Word Puzzles features six different types of puzzles, which were each described in the game’s press release below.

• Word Maze – Like a wiggly word search!  Find the words and solve the maz

• Mixups – A fiendishly difficult anagram puzzle with three words all jumbled together!

• One Word – The word search puzzle where there’s only one…

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