USADA Doping Archives – Two Year Ban After Testosterone Detected Through CIR Testing

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Adding to this site’s archives of USADA anti-doping punishments (which are relevant for UFC fighters as these precedents set the tone for the suspensions they can expect under the UFC’s Anti-Doping Policy) a decision was released today setting out a two year ban for an athlete found using testosterone.

Today’s decision (Oscar Tovar) involves a cyclist who was tested in competition.  CIR analysis was used on a urine sample which revealed the use of testosterone.

USADA’s press release reads as follows –

After a thorough review of the case, including a review of Tovar’s medical records, USADA determined that a two-year period of ineligibility was the appropriate outcome in this case. Tovar’s two-year period of ineligibility began on May 17, 2015, the day the sample was collected. In addition, Tovar has been disqualified from all competitive results achieved in competitions sanctioned by the UCI or any Code signatory…

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