Current MMA Welterweight Champion Cathal Pendred Wouldn’t Be Surprised If CM Punk Never Fights

Mind Of Carnage

Source: FOXsports


CM Punk and current UFC welterweight fighter Cathal Pendred got into a Twitter fight back on August 13th, 2015. Punk called Pendred boring, and he rebutted calling Punk a stuntman and that he’ll be humiliated in his UFC debut.

Two months later, Pendred still can’t do an interview without talking about Punk.

“I can’t do an interview now without getting asked about ‘Chick Magnet’,” When asked about CM Punk.
“I said it recently, just seeing his more recent interviews around the UFC and stuff, I feel like he’s not in it as much anymore. I don’t feel like his head is in it much anymore. Obviously, as he got deeper into the training, and he got further down the line, he saw how much is involved in this, and I think he realized he bit off more than he can chew,” Pendred said.

“You can even see…

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