Orson – The Length Of A Life


Orson – The Length of a Life


In a perfect world, the good guys always win, and there’s always a happily ever after. But as George R.R. Martin is keen to remind us, our world is not perfect. The good guys die just as violently and meaninglessly as the bad guys. But is a longer life better than the shorter one? If a longer life is charted by mediocre events, and the shorter life is spent on a noble purpose, then which life is truly meaningful? This is the question represented by Orson, a minor character of the Japanese anime Record of Lodoss War (known for being a tangled web of different reboots and variations).

The 1990 Record of Lodoss War OVA (Original Video Animation) introduces Orson, a mercenary with a unique condition: he’s possessed by the spirit Fury, making him a berserker. Berserkers transform into monstrous warriors in the…

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