Throwback Thursday – Stan Hansen & Ted DiBiase vs the British Bulldogs

The World According to ZAH

Hansen & DiBiase vs BulldogsI love going back in time and finding classic matches between superstars that I never knew had faced each other. Sometimes I find them on the WWE Network, but you can also find a ton of great stuff on YouTube. One of the more intriguing finds is some of the unique match-ups that took place in Japan.

British Bulldogs 1This match, I believe, takes place early in 1985…prior to the British Bulldogs dominating the tag team division over the next few years in WWE. After wrestling each other numerous times between 1978 and 1983, Davey Boy Smith and Dynamite Kid decided to become a tag team and jumped to All Japan from New Japan in 1984. It was here that they caught the attention of WWE and, once Stampede Wrestling was purchased by WWE, they were actually able to wrestle in BOTH companies before WWE acquired full rights to the team and…

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