Kinesio Tape for MMA


Quite some time ago I wrote an article on Kinesio tape and how it helped me, this time around, I have a lot more experience using it and I would like to show how it can help you. Lets face it 40% of our training time something hurts, and most of our injuries are in our knees (guard passes), ankles (ankle locks), inner elbows (the newbies learn how to do an armbar first), shoulder pain (homoplatas and kimuras), and such.

At my knowledgeable 29 years old, I know that if I want to continue doing this for a lot longer I need to take care of my temple. So if anything hurts I’ll massage it, put some balm or salve on it and tape it. Luckily  there’s a lot of information out there, I’ve read several good books about it and of course there’s you tube, there’s several tutorial on how…

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