Sunday Roundtable: Is it really “All-New, All-Different”?

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Sunday Roundtable All New All DifferentEach week the Graphic Policy team takes on a topic in a virtual roundtable discussion! Sunday’s are known for their roundtable talk shows. This week’s topic…

We’re about a month out from All-New, All-Different Marvel. What do you all think about the relaunch/revamp/restart, and is it really “All-New, All-Different”?

Troy:Marvel’s been flirting with an Uncanny, All Old….All Same, addiction to superlative adjectives.The constant demarcation for new jumping on points is starting to feel like a marketing gimmick……fresh stories and status quo aside…I miss the days when the stories just flowed…..and we weren’t inundated with a disturbingly repeated cycle of new Number 1’s. This may be an unpopular opinion…but I enjoyed collecting (digitally and in print) 200+ issues of X-men and observing for myself where the stories evolved and how the landscaped changed.

Elana: But new readers won’t know what a good jumping in point is unless we…

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