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Fierce Females ‘Rumble In The Jungle’ FULL Results *NEW CHAMPION*

Two Tag Team Matches Confirmed For House Of Pain Wrestling ‘June Weekender’ Night One

Tommy Dreamer’s ‘House Of Hardcore’ Has Landed A TV Deal On Fight Network



The past 12 months have been a goldmine for wrestling shows on obscure cable networks.

Impact Wrestling found its way onto Destination America, the upstart El Rey Network created the best wrestling show on television with Lucha Underground, and now former ECW and WWE star Tommy Dreamer’s “House of Hardcore” independent promotion has signed a TV deal with Fight Network.

According to their press release, Fight Network will begin airing one-hour shows with old House of Hardcore event matches and highlights beginning on Tuesday, May 12 at 9 p.m. EST. They’ll do that for eight weeks until July 18, when House of Hardcore airs a live event from Toronto.

Everybody seems pretty happy:

“It’s a great day for House of Hardcore,” said Dreamer. “This partnership with Fight Network changes the game for me personally and for this company. I’m thrilled that we’ll bring House of Hardcore to more households…

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Take A Few Minutes And Get Inspired By Pro Wrestling’s Handicapped Heroes


If you’ve been watching WWE for a while, you’ll remember Zach Gowen. He’s the kid who lost his leg to cancer when he was 8 and made it all the way to the big leagues, where he was seduced by Sable and hurled down a flight of steps by The Beast Incarnate. If you follow the independent circuit you’ll probably recognize Gregory Iron. He was born with cerebral palsy that affects the right side of his body, but he hasn’t let it stop him from living his dream. Together they tag as “The Handicapped Heroes,” and this video’s a pretty damn good explanation of why that’s important.

It’s almost 13 minutes long, but it’s worth your time. There’s a lot of interesting stuff here, from the value of putting a handicapped logo on your wrestling trunks to Greg and Zach’s first meeting, which didn’t go as planned. It’s inspiring…

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CZW Proving Grounds 2015: Gage Returns, Wrench Bleeds a Ton, and JT Dunn Makes Me Embarrass Myself

Steve O's Wrestling Review

Following last month’s Best of the Best show, CZW presented their annual Proving Grounds iPPV last night in Voorhees, New Jersey. The final show before June’s spectacle that is Tournament of Death, Proving Grounds was a pretty typical CZW card. Fans were treated to excellent displays of singles action, tag team wrestling, comedy, and of course, deathmatch wrestling.

On to the card…

The night opened with what could have been the main event, Nick Gage vs. Drew Gulak. Gage returned from his four year prison sentence last month, but last night was his official return to the CZW ring. He faced the man who was most critical of him following his arrest, the former World Champion in Gulak. This match was about what I expected it to be: an all-out brawl that looked more like a street fight than a wrestling match. The two men brawled among the crowd for…

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Shine 27 Recap: Luv Dem Gun Sounds