The Art of Wrestling Wednesday (Heat Seeking Muscle)

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The Collective Philadelphia – GRAND OPENING recap 3/7/2015

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A Freshly Baked Video Game

Video Games Nebula

Did you play a blockbuster video game this past year that didn’t work? I’m sure you heard about Halo, among others. But it doesn’t have to be this way.

I wish there was someone in the video game world who fix these problems. Some person who could snap their finger and make all the heartache go away. Well, I think there is one person.

I think we need something like a video game chef. We need someone who can test a freshly made game and say if it’s ready.

And if isn’t ready, the chef would say, “It’s RAW! You @#&%! Now take it back, make it properly and then give it to the customer for free when it’s ready!”

Say, does Gordon Ramsay like video games? Yeah, maybe he could do it. If only video games were that simple.

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Oni Press Announces Blood Feud by Cullen Bunn, Drew Moss, Nick Filardi

Graphic Policy

Oni Press announced today Blood Feud, a Southern horror series by Cullen Bunn, Drew Moss, and Nick Filardi. Blood Feud will release on October 7th.

Blood Feud is a Southern tale of vampires, necromancers, horrific spiders and family feuds that survive beyond the grave.

In a release Bunn said:

Subtitled ‘A Vampire Yarn… With Spiders,’ Blood Feud is a book that means a lot to me on a lot of different levels. It’s a story that’s been with me for years, and the characters are, in one way or another, people who were important in my life, especially while I was growing up in rural North Carolina and Missouri. Spider Creek, the town in which this horrific little tale takes place, may be fictional, but it’s also very real. It draws bits and pieces from towns like Newton Grove and Dudley and Koshkonong and Thayer…

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31. Jiro Dreams of Sushi

Get Around Films

Yea, I’m now counting documentaries in this. Why not? Jiro Dreams of Sushi is an interesting look at an old Japanese sushi chef who is at the top of his game, due to a a life of hard work and full dedication.

Jiro runs a small sushi bar/restaurant with only 10 seats, but has 3 Michelin stars and seems to be regarded as the best sushi chef in Japan. My main takeaways from the movie is that all the sushi I eat over here is clearly peasant food, and that I need to get to Japan ASAP. I love nigiri (no time for sushi rolls) and the movie is essentially an hour and a half of Jiro’s story cut with slow mo close ups of nigiri presentation and opera music.

This movie is good – but don’t believe those people that tell you it’s the greatest doco out there. It really…

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10 Great Sites for UFC and MMA News

Weekly MMA News

Top 10 MMA News Sites

1. MMA Fighting

MMA Fighting has great articles and content with exclusive interviews alongside MMA reporter of the year Ariel Helwani. This is one of the best UFC/MMA sites around and should be checked out for their video interviews with fighters.

2. Sherdog

Sherdog has great, insightful writers who give great coverage of all the fights and fighters in MMA. They feature great preview on UFC’s biggest PPVs and have live analysis after every round. Check out their post fighter reports and tally of all the strikes and takedowns by each fighter including fight of the night bonuses and other KO bonuses.

3. MMA Junkie

MMA Junkie has a clean and easy to navigate layout that has radio podcasts on MMA headlines as well as fight videos, live events, fighter rankings and forums for MMA fans to discuss their favorite fighters and judges decisions.

4. SB Nation Bloody Elbow


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