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Top 25 Indy Wrestlers

IPW:UK Tag Team Championship Match Confirmed For IPW:UK ‘Weekend Of Champions’ Night One

Sakurai Explains The Creation Process Of Super Smash Bros Wii U’s Smash Tour

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Wondering what Super Smash Bros creator Masahiro Sakurai’s thinking process was when he created the Wii U exclusive mode Smash Tour? Well, read on. Sakurai has explained to Game Informer that he basically wanted to create something that included having plenty of changing elements on the battlefield, which he knew would lead to plenty of unpredictable and interesting situations.

“The more deeply people play Smash Bros., the more they start seeking higher levels of precision in the gameplay. At the end, this leads them to prefer the Final Destination stage with no obstacles, no items, certain stock settings, etc. We did try to make this game so you can play it any way you like along these lines, but that approach does veer a little from the original intention of the design.”

“Smash Tour is the result of us pressing forward in our original direction – having a lot of changing…

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Three Matches Confirmed For Wrestlezone ‘Live At The Cloverleaf Hotel’

“Independent Crew” T-Shirts for Sale NOW!!

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Our first t-shirt is available on Teespring for just $15 NOW!  Help support the work we put in and will be putting in getting Indy Wresting out there by picking up our “Independent Crew” shirt.  We’re here to support Indy Wrestling and to promote any Indy promotion and the talent of those promotions.

We hope to see you out there!  Check out the shirt below and click here to purchase.


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Quick Thoughts: FSW Moment of Truth 10/24/14

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Hey guys! So, a couple of weeks ago I went to a really fun show and the following link will send you to my thoughts on it! How cool is that??

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