PRIME TV #171: Handicapped Handguns vs. Sons of Michigan


Debut of War Hero #chrismelendez

Top 5 Games that NEED to be Rebooted! #Nerdist

9/19 IWE Results

Indy Power Rankings


IWE Results (9/19)
Credit: Randy Carver, Jr.

1. Rick Daniels def. Jason Rumble
2. Cousin Larry def. Roadblock
3. Nick McKenna def. Kyle Huntley
4. Sean Killian def. Johnny McNasty
5. Ace Romero def. Sylar Graves in a 2 Out Of 3 Falls Match

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UFC Fight Night 52: Hunt vs Nelson Early Predictions and Bets

Fight Predictor

We are just 3 nights (since for us in North America Friday night doesn’t really count) from UFC Fight Night 52: Hunt vs Nelson which will be live on UFC Fight Pass from Japan beginning at the unreal hour of 12:30 am ET. We’re here with our early predictions and bets for the event. Remember to follow us on Sellfy for updates when our paid picks come out, or alternatively follow us on Twitter where we also post all relevant updates. Last week was the first week we offered paid picks and they did reasonably well. Including free picks, we were up just over a unit, but if you only consider the underdogs we recommended as a part of our paid picks package, we went 2-1 for a profit of more than 2 units which is equivalent to an ROI of over 30%!

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The Scottish Wrestling Revolution

Ring the Damn Bell


Gary Henderson

Last month, a capacity crowd of over one thousand rabid Insane Championship Wrestling (ICW) fans lost their collective shit as Drew Galloway made his much anticipated return after leaving the WWE.

While it was a massive return for ICW and kicked off a storyline that will likely take them stomping into the New Year (and a new T.V deal by the looks of things), it also felt like a watershed moment for a Scottish wrestling scene on the cusp of big things.

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1001 Reviews: Tetris

It has now been 30 years since the birth of one of the most addictive and popular puzzle games of all time. Thanks to it’s success with Nintendo we’ll be looking at the GameBoy version for this review.

Title - Tetris


  • Developer: Alexey Pajitnov
  • Publisher: Various
  • Release: June 1984
  • Platforms available: Various
  • Platform reviewed: Nintendo GameBoy
  • Source: Can be played online for free
  • Trailer: None
  • Prequel: None
  • Sequel: None
  • Other 1001 title: Hexic 2
  • 1001-Up: Extremely addictive gameplay
  • 1001-Down: Hasn’t been able to repeat its success since the GameBoy version
  • Rating-Up: POWER-UP (47 out of 60)

    It’s safe to assume that almost every video gamer has heard of Tetris and will know it for the success it brought Nintendo and their portable GameBoy system. This famous puzzle title actually originated from creator Alexey Pajitnov in June 1984 for the Electronika 60 terminal computer system before becoming the game bundled with every…

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