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I will be taking a break from blogging here, and on my skater and review blogs.  I have a lot more catching up to do than I thought, and by the time my kid is out on summer break.

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Metroplex Wrestling-My 10 Favorite Moments

Ruff's Ramblings

I remember the first time I went to MPX. I was at a point in my life where my little girl was just over a year old and I wanted to give myself a hobby, something to look forward to on weekends. I went to a Facebook friend asking where he was working that weekend. He gave me this place where he had started working that the boys were pretty green but I could come anyway.  I went with my sister-in-law who knew some of the boys. I wasn’t watching Guerrero-Malenko or anything, but I saw a lot of fire there.

I got to watch several evolutions. I got to see Gregory James blossom into a wrestler who’s wrestled New Japan stars and has no limit to where he can go. I watched the Incredible Shrinking Bellies of Ben Wylde & Steven Kirby (the latter of which was a sight…

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TIME Doesn’t Think Nintendo Can Save The Wii U

My Nintendo News

Influential publication TIME doesn’t think that there’s a possibility that Nintendo can save its struggling Wii U console.  The piece was written after Nintendo announced today that overall net sales fell from last year’s 635.4 billion yen (£3.6bn) to this year’s 571.7 billion yen (£3.3bn). The company posted a 23.2B yen lossHere’s what the publication has to say.

“Nintendo’s Wii U, in contrast, lacks compelling specs, a sweetheart price or a historical PlayStation 2-equivalent to build on. It’s in the same ballpark as the PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360, oomph-wise, but that’s not what gamers who’ve lived with Sony and Microsoft’s systems for the past six or seven years were looking for in November 2012, nor what seems to be moving them now. The Wii U’s price hasn’t helped matters: $350 at launch, for the only version you’d care to own, the sticker probably forced up by Nintendo’s pricey pseudo-tablet pack-in…

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Mandate Radio: Ep. 31 (5/7/2014)

Mandate Radio: Ep. 31 (5/7/2014)

Happy Wednesday Everyone! The guys are back with more awesome video game talk! Joe talks about his ‘Company of Heroes 2’ love affair. Pete talks ‘Powargrid’ and ‘EVE: Online’. Frank brings about conversations on ‘Bag It!’ and his recent ‘Dota 2’ mishaps. Then, in news, the guys talk about searching for cartridges in garbage, Zenimax doing some money grabbing, and the release date for ‘Mario Kart 8’.  Then special guest, Clarence Witheringspun, joins the guys to ask for some help with his search for a once-mythical truth.

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Mario Kart 8 News Coming Tomorrow From Nintendo World Store

My Nintendo News

The Nintendo World Store has tweeted that it has some exclusive Mario Kart 8 information to share with fans sometime tomorrow. The tweet says that the announcement will “flip your world upside down” so it should hopefully be interesting.

Thanks, WhiteEaglePL

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NXT: From game show to wrestling show

Wrestling with Sean

“The future is now”, a saying that comes with an unveiling that will forever change the subject being discussed.  WWE uses this phrase in the opening video for their show NXT, a show that allows WWE to show off some of their newest talent acquisitions from the independent wrestling scene.  However, NXT wasn’t always a wrestling show.  It started out as a venue for independent wrestlers to hone their skills in the WWE style of wrestling and showman ship.  It is what is known as a developmental territory (minor league uses to a baseball analogy).  First the shows were a mashup of a game show and a wrestling show for the new comers, and the idea of this or any “developmental territory” garnering enough of a following so as to justify it being on world wide TV wasn’t even a thought.  So how did this evolution come about, well first, some…

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Check Out the New ‘The Last of Us’ DLC Trailer