(and because it just wouldn’t be me if I didn’t add something that would make Josh laugh: Jim Breuer talking about his 3 daughters):


Matt Hardy and Reby Sky Arrested for Assaulting Each Other


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hardyVia TMZ, Matt Hardy and Reby Sky were both arrested for assault and battery after a dispute in a hotel in Virginia earlier this month. The story also says the two were released on $3,500 bond and have filed restraining orders against one another.

The 39-year-old Hardy and 27-year-old Sky were married in October 2013 and had been dating for a few years prior.

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CM Punk Walks Out on WWE

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According to Dave Meltzer and subsequently every dirtsheet in existence, CM Punk told WWE officials before Monday’s Raw that he was “going home” and is no longer with the company. He’s been removed from future live event advertising but is still listed on WWE.com.

While the CM Punk diehards are quick to defend him because “that’s the way he is,” there are lots of other ways to express your displeasure with the company, especially when you’re supplanted in an angle with The Authority and on your way to a WrestleMania program with Triple H. I can’t blame CM Punk for being upset that, yet again, a part-timer is coming in and getting a bigger WrestleMania spot than him. Honestly, for the past year or so Punk has seemed like he really doesn’t care about the business.

That’s fine. Burnout happens.

But leaving hours before Raw, forcing creative to re-write parts…

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Dana White UFC 169 Fight Blog – Episode 1

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UFC President Dana White has released his latest vlog ahead of UFC 169: Barão vs. Faber. The vlog features footage from behind the scenes at UFC 168, when Chris Weidman defending his title successfully for the second time agains Anderson Silva with a second round TKO (injury). The vlog is below, enjoy.

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UFC on Fox 10: Staff Picks

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José Youngs Ryan Bafaloukos Blane Ferguson

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Rashad Evans MMA Seminar at MMA World Academy in Toronto

The Daily Staredown - UFC, Mixed Martial Arts (MMA), Podcast, Blog MMA News Stories presented by Ryan Manahan - UFC, Bellator, Invicta

Written & Edited by Ryan Manahan (twitter: @Ryan_Manahan)
Camera & Audio by Neil Nicholas Reyes (twitter: @neilnicholas29)

Rashad Evans taught a seminar in Toronto’s World MMA Academy earlier today. An excited student describes her excitement of learning from the former UFC Light Heavyweight Champion.

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@PrimeWrestling Closes It’s Doors…For Now

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I saw a tweet from Prime Wrestling that I had been fearing. They had an official statement from Joe Dombrowski about their product. If you want to read the full statement, go here. These are the highlights for me though.

In the beginning of 2013, Fox Sports acquired SportsTime Ohio, the network we aired on since 2007. Formerly independently owned, STO was undergoing a slow transformation into a more corporate environment. With that change came new policies, rules, regulations and requirements. One of those requirements, in the form of an insurance policy, would have more than doubled our annual budget for producing a television show. By the end of July 2013, the new network structure was in place, and PRIME Wrestling was temporarily pulled from the airwaves until these new requirements could be met.

I’m glad we don’t have to keep an insurance policy for Stunt Granny. Granted, if…

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