10 Reasons Why Pokemon Is Simply Awesome

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Pokemon! Ah, the word brings back so many good memories, one of my favourite cartoons till date. I remember coming back home as early as I can from school just to watch this cartoon in the evening! As kids Pokemon was one of the conversations we always had with our friends discussing about the latest episode. Oh and the video games? Loved them even more. Here are ten reason why I think this cartoon series was simply awesome! 😀

 1)      Well the first and foremost reason being the presence of creatures which can startle you with their powers. Be it the adorable little creature Togepi or the massive and fierce Charizad. These pokemons amazed us with the abilities they possess which made them the talk of the town amongst kids.

2)      Friendship shared among Brock, Ash and Misty. They have been together through thick and thin and watching their friendship…

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Reverse-Engineering Your Favourite Art, Novels, Comics etc….

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2013 Artwork Reverse Engineering Sketch

Well, I was re-watching a few of the guitar videos I mentioned a couple of days ago and I was starting to wonder how Eric Calderone was able to work out how to play heavy metal cover versions all of these different songs so easily. From my limited experience of playing the guitar when I was a teenager, I knew that you can find guitar tabs for most things on the internet fairly easily.

But, then I realised that some of the stuff he was playing wasn’t originally written for the guitar and it made me realise that he was probably playing by ear.

In other words, he knew enough about music and how to play the guitar that he was able to reverse-engineer everything he heard. He’s (probably) able to listen to a song and, within a relatively short amount of time, know how to play it. How cool…

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OMMAC 19: Set to be SAFE MMA Clear

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Tonight, OMMAC is to present its second full event under the governance of Safe MMA. All professional fighters will be  medically cleared to fight by Safe MMA once the last medical examinations have been completed this afternoon. OMMAC 19 takes place at the Liverpool Olympia and also features Amateur fights.

With a number of late matched bouts on the card an impressive effort has been made by the competitors, coaches, the promotion, Dr. Mark Banks and the 76 Harley Street team, to ensure a fast turnaround on medical tests that will enable OMMAC 19 to meet Safe MMA criteria. 

Promoter, Chris Zorba, said: “Our second Safe MMA show is almost all cleared, even with lots of last minute matches. There’s been great work all round and I look forward to moving forward with Safe MMA in 2014.”

See below for the professional fight card for OMMAC 19:

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Preview: Harbinger #20 Makes Headlines as Harada Goes Public!

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The landscape of the Valiant Universe is changing forever this January in the Harbinger #20 – the FIRST ISSUE of “RESISTANCE,” an all-new story arc from New York Times best-selling creators Joshua Dysart and Clayton Henry!

A whistleblower named Ax has just unleashed a secret with the potential to change the course of human history – superhumans walk among us…and billionaire philanthropist Toyo Harada may just be the most powerful of them all. As a “psiot” with nearly unlimited telekinetic potential, Harada and his secret Harbinger Foundation have shaped the world from the shadows for more than half a century, using their abilities to secretly control the balance of power. Treason. Conspiracy. Mass murder. Harada’s crimes are too numerous to count…but he won’t be held accountable by the laws of mortal men. Instead, he’s about to seize the opportunity to inflict his agenda on the governments…

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Games’ Heavy Hitters

Games' Big Hitters
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If #ColtCabana Makes The Cut

CM Punk + Colt Cabana on WWE roster =



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Did Tracy Smothers finish talking yet? AIW “Gleaming the Cube” reviewed

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I still haven’t figured out how to do these intro paragraphs — I recently reviewed AIW’s “Double Dare” so this review isn’t in chronological order but you can still follow the almost no story being told in AIW if you read these reviews out of order. The big selling point for “Gleaming the Cube” was a five man ladder match for the AIW Intense Title, a belt that had to be vacated by BJ Whitmer after his neck injury forced him into an early semi-retirement. This show was weird, that’s not a bad thing, it’s not always a good thing, but an example of how weird this match is, Sugar Dunkerton loses a match via hip toss, no seriously that’s a thing that happens. It’s not all nonesense though, so lets talk about AIW “Gleaming the Cube.”


  • Innovative spots in a ladder match is not as easy as it…

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