Former NWA World Champion Kahagas and La Rosa Negra featured on DWE’s Harlem Shake

Missouri Wrestling Revival

MWR Fans have been collecting the former NWA World Champion Kahagas and La Rosa Negra’s trading cards in the first series of the set. Now check them out in Santa Domingo, Dominican Republic DWE’s version of the Harlem Shake.

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Former Arkane Programmer Presents Contrast


After working as a freelancer for developer Arkane Studios (generally known for creating Dishonored) Guillaume Provost decided to create his own gaming studio. Its name is Compulsion Games, and the first project to materialise is called Contrast.

Set in a noir world, the game follows a young detective Dawn, as she is able to move in 3D, or materialise herself as a 2D shadow. As shadows will play a big part in Contrast, the game will present a lot of light sources, from spotlights, to film projectors etc.

You can get an idea of the game’s aesthetics from the screenshots below.

I used to be a rendering programmer when I used to write code, so I thought about a lot of physical and/or graphical novel ways of interacting with games, and that’s how the idea sparked,” says Provost in a 1UP interview. “I can’t say ‘I saw a shadow on…

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Xbox One Kinect Not Compatible With PCs

Sony Removed PS4 Camera To Undercut Microsoft

The Lazy Geeks


As the dust begins to settle from Sony’s positive consumer and critical response from E3, it appears that Sony knew what they were doing up until the big reveal at the event two weeks ago. According to multiple sources at IGN, it seems that Sony secretly told retailers about the plan for not including the camera before the reveal. The move was done in secret to prevent word from getting back to Sony as they never told retailers the price would be less than originally believed.

In an event to reduce the price of the console, to make it more competitive against Microsoft’s console, they removed the camera from being included in the system to deliver the $100 undercut. Thus allowing them to offer the console for $399 versus Microsoft’s $499 price point. This pushed Microsoft into a corner, along with their strategy on DRM.

“We’re over-delivering value against…

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GLORY Coming to Spike TV

Universal Combat News

New York, NY, June 27, 2013 – Spike TV will expand its sports line-up with the addition of GLORY Sports International’s (GSI) brand of kickboxing premiering in Fall, 2013. The action-packed LIVE sports programming, part of an overall GSI content initiative, will air 2-hour events in primetime on select Saturday nights from around the world as part of a multi-year partnership was announced today by Jon Slusser, Senior Vice President, Sports and Multiplatform Programming, Spike TV, and Andrew Whitaker, Chief Executive GLORY Sports International, Pte Ltd.

“We are thrilled to partner with GSI in bringing Spike TV’s audience the incredible action and intensity of GLORY’s fight league, which feature the best kickboxers in the world,” said Slusser. “Viewers will quickly see this as the perfect complement to our coverage of Bellator, the world’s leading tournament-based MMA promotion.”

“Spike has established itself as the home of combat sports in a way…

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UFC 162: Anderson Silva vs Chris Weidman Fight Prediction By Kyle Delaney

The MMA Analysis

Video provided by Kyle Delaney check more of him out on Twitter, YouTube and Facebook!


TThe Middleweight Title is on the line at UFC 162. Chris Weidman looks to dethrone love time champ and undefeated GOAT Anderson Silva.

Anderson Silva has defeated every challenger who’s stepped in front of him compiling a perfect record in the UFC. Coming off a rematch with Chael Sonnen and an impressive victory against Stephen Bonnar ‘The Spider’ looks to add one more name to the long list of defeated opponents.

Chris Weidman has long been considered the top prospect in the Middleweight Division. With an undefeated record and a strong wrestling game Weidman thinks he has the perfect plan to defeat Anderson Silva. His takedowns, overpowering submission game, and incredible heart will prove to be a lot for the champ to swallow. But will his long layover due to…

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Manga Olympics for Bloggers (Shonen/Seinen Round 1c): Mid-Major Manga and the Merits of a Struggling Artist Set [Slightly] Free


I’ve been writing about shonen for the past 2 weeks of this competition, and Keima only knows if I’ll make it out of the first round, so I might as well use the freedom I’ve got to coin a term that’s been percolating in my head for a while and talk about seinen (and some shonen, as well) while people are listening. I’ve taken to calling some manga Mid-Major because they’re great in a way that screams “improbable” and “unsustainable”, but because of that are even more fun to watch than consistently great ones. Clearly not top-tier, but clearly blessed with enough potential to make a little legend, like Dunk City FGCU demolishing Georgetown in this year’s NCAA Tourney.* There’s an appeal to watching the little engine that could suddenly transform into a giant robot and dropkick a galaxy, and nowhere (other than sports) does this phenomenon happen more often…

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